Thursday, December 30, 2010

This is the Place...

We're days away from 2011 and Pepsi Refresh grant voting. I'm going to end the year showing you a bit of the old before we (all of us ready voters!) bring in the new. The future Safety Harbor Art and Music Center will, with your help, soon enrich and inspire many lives. (1/19/11 NOTE: WE ARE NOT IN THE VOTING. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ WHY)

Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda own the existing structure at 706 2nd St. N. in Safety Harbor, which is the original Rigsby family home. “We will keep the house since it has Rigsby history, and build around it, creating garden spaces where the creative process can be nurtured.” —Kiaralinda

The house will be transformed with the help of architect Grant Genova, who was chosen because of his vision regarding recycling and repurposing, which has always been an important part of both Todd and Kiaralinda’s art and life together.

They hope to break ground in early 2011 and will complete the project within the year. The center will be a great asset, providing art and music to the community, learning through workshops, and inspiration for creative minds, young and old.

Are you ready?

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