Monday, February 7, 2011

Arts Advocacy Day

As we all must learn early in our lives, after depositing that paycheck and budgeting for necessities, there is only so much to go around before we have nothing left. As my grandmother used to say, "You can't squeeze blood from a turnip." My own son, a teacher in Texas, has been told he may not have a job later this year. I know there are many, many important leaves on the limbs of our economy, and those heavy branches weighing our budget are perhaps ready to break.

After watching The Jeff Daniels video in his plea to Congress in April 2010, when he spoke out, asking for 180 million dollars to help fund the arts in America, I realized it wasn't just Jeff Daniels, the actor, asking for funding, there were teachers, writers, artists, students, musicians, and many others. I don't have an answer politically, and I'm certainly not going to tell you how to vote, believe, or express yourself, but I do realize that the arts are being brushed under rugs all over the country, and that bothers me.

It's always comforting to see that some people take time to speak out, reach out, and help make what is important to them available to others. While researching The Purple Rose Theatre, I learned about Arts Advocacy Day, on April 4-5, 2011, in Washington DC. I hope you find time to visit their website and learn what is happening. Maybe it will be the creative ones who will find not only funding for the arts, but answers!

"Because of the arts, my sleepy little town is now a destination." ~Jeff Daniels

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Sib said...

Great info. Hoping Tarpon Springs will wake up one day and follow Jeff Daniels model. Go Arts GO!