Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I need more time! (And a few guest bloggers).

It's been several weeks since the last post. (Ooh! This sounds so much like my adolescent diary from the 70s!)

I have pages of names and phone numbers to contact for interviews, pictures I took at the picket painting party, and loads of ideas.

I just need more time!

For many of you who know Kiaralinda and Todd but don't know me, I volunteered to write this soon after I met them last fall. We were painting boxes to get the word out about the December Pepsi Refresh contest (which never happened for SHAMc). I was so excited about the idea of an art and music center in our town that I felt compelled to get involved. Many of you feel the same way, I know. The memories of coming together, helping do something for a dream is, for lack of a better description, smile-inducing.

I enjoy writing this blog and I love my friends--our shared friends--Kiaralinda and Todd. But I've written a book too. It's my dream to actually be able to make things up for a living and to have those stories SELL. But it turned out my literary agent was just as concerned as I was when my book made it through 12 publishers without a nibble. I hired a professional editor. She found all sorts of things I had done wrong (mostly pacing issues). So now I'm cutting, moving and rewriting the whole book. I love the process of seeing something I thought was good become something I am proud of. But like I said, I need more time...

How about you? Who are you? What do you see in this artful, musical world? How do you feel about it all? If you like to write, and it won't take too much time away from your busy schedule, send me an e-mail, or your blog post content, and I'll edit any punctuation or grammar thingies (should there be any). If you have a photo or two, or six, let me know. I'd rather you avoid religion or random political issues, but if you write about it for a pertinent reason that moves your story along, hey, I'm willing to read it. And, you probably guessed, I do this for fun and for free, so I can't pay you. Thanks for understanding.

And by the way ... go vote!

To contact Laura, e-mail LeksInk@gmail.com

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