Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dazzle. Sparkle. Smile. Share.

A few weeks ago a young person (someone I am very close to) told me about a woman he works with. This middle-aged woman constantly complains. In fact, he has never seen her smile. The complaints are mostly muttered under the woman's breath, and are sometimes a horrible opinion about this young man's family (whom she does not know), his work ethics (which she perceives as not good enough), or his age. She shoots daggers from her eyes and uses language not becoming of a fast food worker ... or anyone for that matter.

Maybe I just need to make a point.

I choose to surround myself with people who make life interesting. People who create instead of destroy. People who can take what some call "trash" and turn it into a thousand sparkling flowers lit by a thousand shining bulbs.

It is so easy to take on the negative. To allow a co-worker to bring us down. A mother, father, friend, neighbor, sister, cousin, child ... anyone can shake us up. But there is dazzling life in art, and music can make us sparkle. Thank you for being one of the many who understand this and who support the magic happening in our town.

If you have visited HOLiDAZZLE, please comment below about how it inspired you. moved you, or maybe made you see things a little differently. We have readers from all over the world who might just make their own sparkles at their own homes, from their own "trash," from words and photos that you share.

The photos in this post were provided by Holly Apperson (in post and following),and Jessica Huber (below).

Peace and love,

"You're never too old to Holidazzle! Grandpa is getting his art on (at the ripe young age of 88)." -- Jessica Huber

"I love the smiles! Kiaralinda keeps my creative side alive." --Jessica Huber (Photo by Michelle Tupps)

Photos by Holly Apperson:

Come and be a part of the interactive chain! Remember making these from construction paper? Well, now we are making the longest one in the world and from shiny hologram paper!

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