Sunday, February 26, 2012

Imani Woomera ~ Word Art

In my work and as a hobby I spend my days searching for the right words. When I overuse them, my message is cloudy and sometimes my words may sting. When I don't use them to their fullest potential, I am frustrated. Words are the most powerful tool we have to express ourselves. Those who know how to weave their threads - to wrap them around one another to create emotion - well, we call those people poets.

Imani Woomera has the gift. She is a poet with a story and a powerful message.

During last night's concert at Whimzey, Imani's words flew from the stage like blue-feathered birds. I wanted to smell the words, taste them and make them turn around so I could hear them again. But then new words came and I wanted those to stay too.

It was a comfortably-packed house, but I know many people reading this were not able to experience this amazing spoken word artist. So, here is how to purchase Imani Woomera's CD. Click here to visit her website, where you can also download a free song. Spend a very affordable $15.00 and you will receive an autographed CD.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this spoken word art, and the artist. Did you experience the magic?

A special thank you goes to Holly Apperson for the use of her beautiful photographs!

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kiaralinda and todd ramquist said...

i personally know alot of the attendees who are not on facebook said that they came knowing they were thinking "outside" their comfort zone since they didn't know what spoken word was and they were soooo happy they did....i'd venture to say they were changed forever since her magic is sooo potent!