Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Future’s So Bright

We’ll have to wear our SHAMMIE SHADES.
As I write this Todd and Kiaralinda are scouting musicians for future house and SHAMc  concerts. What better place to do THAT then South by Southwest (SXSW), a once-a-year music event in Austin Texas that draws musicians of every genre imaginable? Whew…THAT was a long sentence.   And since music is as primal in our DNA as the need to survive, it is the place to rub elbows with all kinds of people who flock there to let the music wash over them.  Can I Get a WITNESS?   Halleluiah brothers and sisters!   I can’t wait to hear about the possible acts for us to experience in the future. I also want to hear about celebrity sightings.
And in the world of theatre, The Safety Harbor Writers and Poets are very proud of one of our own, Julia Rudgers, who has been knocking them dead in a play called "Radium Girls"  at the West Coast Players.  Unfortunately, there are only a couple more performances to see.  I believe they are next Friday and Saturday the 23rd and 24th of March.  Go to the Players Web site @ to read up.  They’ve been getting awesome reviews.  In a nutshell, the play is about actual circumstances surrounding a radium plant in Orange, NJ, where young women were poisoned by wetting brushes tainted with radium on their lips--a requirement for their jobs painting watch dials.  Julia plays four characters.  GO JULIA!
Those of us in the Safety Harbor Writers and Poets are really excited about SHAMc and the home it will provide for writers, musicians, actors, and artists. We can barely STAND it.  We’re like dogs at a table waiting for someone to drop the prime rib, our tails wagging in anticipation.  We’ve been leaving anonymous little poems everywhere we go to spark curiosity and keep ourselves it shape creatively.  We’re also having fun writing a conglomerate novel that is going to be really silly and quirky.  Imagine about ten or eleven writers of VASTLY different styles and temperaments.  One writes a chapter, then passes it to the next.  And so on and so on.  This is like a parlor game for writers.  A famous example of this is a novel called Naked Came the Stranger, which started as a hoax  to make fun of American Culture in the sixties.  Twenty four prominent journalists put together a novel, (in a way that we are attempting), and they published it under the name Penelope Ashe.    We’re having fun with it.  Maybe we’ll publish it!  Wouldn’t it be great to have a little store in SHAMc where people could sell their art, CDs, and self-published books?   How fun would THAT be?
I’m going to go for now, but things are really coming together in a very good way…

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