Tuesday, May 7, 2013

FEAST IV: Who, What, When, and Wow!

If you follow us on Facebook, you've likely seen all the recent postings about FEAST IV, happening this Thursday, May 9 at the Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center. 

Why and I excited? First, it's happening in OUR TOWN. Second, I get to present my idea and compete for a grant! Third, I am competing against two wonderful artistic women who are also my friends. I'll tell you about my idea, but I'd also like to highlight the art of the other two women who are going for this same grant. 

Heather Richardson is a wonderful mosaic artist. Her mosaics are created from glass, tile, found objects and can be seen throughout the county, including her most recent public art in Safety Harbor's newest park, Mullet Creek Park.

Heather is going for the grant so that she can teach basic community-based mosaic workshops to people of all ages.  During one of Heather's workshops students will create a small piece for themselves and once some skills are learned, they can help to create a piece or pieces to be donated to the community as a public art installation. "When people participate in creating something for their community it really gives them a sense of ownership and personal pride within their community," Heather said. 

Janet Lee Stinson is a beautiful soul who has brought the art of Journey Dance to Safety Harbor. She is going for the grant so that she can teach this free-spirited dance downtown at the gazebo in John Wilson Park. (The dance lessons will be free to anyone interested in learning them!)

Four different dances will be created around different themes that will build upon each other, and dancers may join for the journey of all four dances or drop in to sample just a few.  
“Safety Harbor is home to me and I am thrilled to see the way we are transforming in to a caring community through love and support of each other," she said. "What better way to catapult the future of this artistic community than with dancing?”
And my project? Well, I want to create a literary festival --- Safety Harbor's first Writers and Poets conference. I see this happening in about a year, starting small and hopefully growing into an annual or bi-annual event. 
I am a writer and also the founder of the Safety Harbor Writers and Poets group, which hosts talented local wordsmiths for open mics and workshops across the area. I also teach writing at the library, at the museum, and this summer I will be teaching a summer camp through the City for adolescents learning the art of good reporting and journalism. 
For this Writers and Poets Conference, I'll bring in a couple well-known authors or poets, perhaps a few local authors and poets, and we'll fill this town with word art! There will be discussions, workshops and most especially, writers will feel empowered. It's a way for writers to come together and experience the creative culture of Safety Harbor. I want to offer a way, even if it’s the smallest spark, for people who attend such a conference to begin their own journeys into writing
Please help make any of these artistic dreams come true. Click this link and purchase your ticket for only $20. You'll be given samplings of some of the best food our town has to offer, and you'll receive four tokens to vote for one or all the projects presented. Additional tokens will be available for purchase. The fun begins at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at the Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center,  329 Bayshore Blvd. South, Safety Harbor, FL 34695. 
When we come together, either by applying for grants, or by supporting such applicants, we make art happen in our community. I am thrilled that it's happening in Safety Harbor. Thanks, everyone.
No matter who "wins" the grant, this community is going to be better for it! I am cheering us all on!  


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