Friday, February 19, 2016

Meet Kara Tanner - 2016 poster contest winner

You may already know Kara Tanner, this year’s Safety Harbor SongFest Poster Contest winner, but we wanted to write a bit about this multi-talented artist, mom and entrepreneur. 

Kara and her husband came to the Harbor around the same time as Todd and Kiaralinda’s fencepost painting SHAMc fundraiser four years ago. She holds a Bachelors in studio art and a Masters in art therapy but says that as her kids grow up she finds more time to focus on being creative. “I enjoy doing art with my kids,” she says.

Besides winning the contest, Kara has also recently completed a flamingo for the library’s Flamingo Art Fundraiser and she’ll be one of the artists at this year’s Chalk Fest March 19-20.

“We were so excited when we saw Kara’s entry,” says Kiaralinda, “because the musical manatee sure felt right, since we have manatees right near the pier on the festival grounds. It’s a cute mascot and it would be cool if the real ones knew how to play instruments! 

“It was exciting to find out that the winner is from Safety Harbor and that she also painted a fence post that is still at SHAMc,” Kiaralinda adds. “It’s also nice to know that she is aware and watching what we are doing and is supporting the arts and getting involved.”

And Kara has definitely gotten involved in the community in the past four years! Take for example her family's new company. Every Saturday at 1:15 p.m., Kara's husband takes groups of 2 to 12 through Safety Harbor. She, her sister, brother in-law and husband started Harbor Food Tours in January and locals have been very supportive so far. “It’s been pretty successful,” she says. “We’re excited about it.” 

Kara explains that tours visit nine different restaurants, pubs, bakeries and also stops at Francie’s for a glassblowing presentation. “There is a lot of history within these places and just going out and talking to the owners, you learn so much more about where we live,” she says. 

The cost is $50 per person and the tour ends at the 8th Avenue Pub for food and a drink, which is included. All gratuities for business owners are included in the cost, (but if you’d like to tip your tour guide, that would be separate.) To read more about it and to book a tour, visit

We’ll post more information before Song Fest regarding the posters and when you can get yours.

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