Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Power of Three to be unveiled at SHAMcGiving

Are you ready for SHAMcGiving? If you haven’t yet learned about all of the fun activities happening over Thanksgiving weekend, take a look at this blog post, which will hopefully answer all of your questions.

Oh, but wait! We have something exciting to announce . . .

Sculptor Bruce Niemi and his wife Suzi are coming from Wisconsin to deliver The Power of Three,  a contemporary stainless steel sculpture measuring 10’x4’x4’. It will be unveiled on Saturday at noon during the ribbon cutting ceremonies and will be the first sculpture to occupy SHAMc's sculpture pad.

Kiaralinda and Todd have known Bruce and Suzi for over fifteen years. They have done art festivals together and the Niemis have been integral parts of SongFest. They felt they had to be a part of the grand opening so they’re coming down for SHAMcGiving and then heading straight to Art Basel in Miami.

Kiaralinda says: “We are so excited for his work to be the first. Having a beautiful contemporary sculpture at SHAMc is exciting!”

In a statement about the piece, Bruce wrote:

When creating this sculpture I was inspired by Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. These verses are about the Value of a Friend and how we need each other. When we stand together to help each other through life’s twists and turns and help each other grow along the way, we become stronger human beings. Just as a three stranded rope isn’t easily broken. We need a little help from our friends! This is truly reflected in the SHAMc Collective’s Teamwork through the vision and leadership of Kiaralinda, Todd Ramquist and Heather Richardson. They embody what can be done through the Power of Three.

The stainless steel  sculpture is available for purchase and has an asking price of $42,000. A portion of the proceeds will benefit SHAMc’s future arts programming.

See you all at SHAMcGiving!

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