Friday, December 17, 2010

Who ARE these people?

Does your house have a name? Well, Kiaralinda and Todd's does. It's called Whimzey, and as you can see in the pictures, the name is perfect.

These two Whimzey Twins travel throughout the country selling their creations. Their art is sculpture, it's color, it's shape and form, it's texture and emotion. Think of what art means to you and you'll find it in their unique, original pieces. And hey, not only are their homes and creations downright cool, they are too!

Were you in town that one Christmas when Whimzey and every spot in the yard was covered in silver? If not, you might have heard or read about it. Thousands of people came to see the beautiful display, which Kiaralinda and Todd began in order to raise funds for charity.

"All of the Christmas house decorating was a community "labor of love" since we always had a lot of volunteers or "elves" help us create these fundraising installations.

"The first one was called "Silver Lining" and we wrapped everything on our property in tinfoil and the house was wrapped in silver mylar. This [in the picture] is the singer, Melanie who lived in Safety Harbor at the time and came and posed with her "aluminum foil ornament" that she made, as everyone was encouraged to park and walk up and participate and give a donation. This year was for Toys for Tots.

"The other picture is of the millennium holiday house called "Shine On," since it was the last one we thought we would ever do. This one was wrapped in hologram Mylar and space-age type robots, Santa and his spaceship, and CDs hung everywhere. This year the participants got a slip of Mylar to write their millennium thoughts, dreams, or wish on, and then we hung them all over the lawn." ~Kiaralinda

Kiaralinda and Todd are known for such displays of beauty that we all wish we could somehow eat up and swallow...Okay, maybe that's just me. But I admit...

I want this much color in my life too!

It's possible. We can do this! 2011 is the year of the Art and Music Center!

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