Monday, January 24, 2011

If Walls Could Talk

Even if I've never visited before, an old house can bring me back in time. All it takes are a few creaky floors and a bit of chipped paint. Add original fixtures, maybe some garlic and onion smells permanently saturated in kitchen wallpaper, and I start wondering about other people's memories. Old houses make me feel nostalgic. They make me think about possibilities. Imagine the years of experiences, both happy and sad, that have been witnessed by those peeling-paint walls. Think of photographs taken and kids on porches...of leaky roofs and holiday meals. Oh, yeah, if walls could talk!

On Sunday I walked inside of the now empty house where our center will soon stand, and I felt such nostalgia, but also the excitement that has been building since I first heard Todd and Kiaralinda's plans.

We're all going to enjoy the AFTER, but so that we can remember the BEFORE, here are a few pictures of the original Rigsby home. I wonder if walls could talk, if these would sigh with relief, knowing its future is bound to be something special...

(Obviously, I didn't fix the date on the camera. Photos taken 1/23/11)

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