Monday, March 7, 2011

What if you Could Talk to Angels?

I was introduced to Tammar Stein about a month ago through Kiaralinda, (who, by the way, couldn't say enough good about this positive young woman). Tammar's Young Adult novels have won numerous awards--several for her first, Light Years, including the Virginia Readers Choice, 2008 ALA Best Book for Young Adults, New York Public Library Pick for Teens, and Light Years was also a Teddy Children’s Book Winner. Her second book, High Dive was nominated for the prestigious American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults, 2009.

Tammar took the time to chat that day when we met at Heather's Place. She offered kind advice, and was so generous with her time. I told her about my own book and my previous struggle to find an agent, and how after finally winning that battle, experiencing the sometimes grueling process of searching out a publisher. She perked me up. "It will happen," she assured. "Don't worry." After our conversation, I went home and finished revisions on said novel, and finally, after way too long, sent it back to my agent. I love people who have that kind of energy: people who can say just a few things to recharge you.

Tonight I attended her book signing at Whistle Stop Bar & Grill in downtown Safety Harbor. I listened as she told an attentive crowd about her inspiration. It was a Black Crowes song. The one that goes Says she talks to angels/ they call her out by her name, and Tammar explained how she was instantly inspired.

Kindred, Tammar Stein's newest book, is about just that. It's centered around Miriam, a college freshman stuck on campus after her plans for Spring Break fall through. "She's not a religious girl--when pressed, she admits reluctantly to believing in a higher power. Truth be told, she's about as comfortable speaking about her faith as she is about her love life--which is to say, not at all. And then the archangel Raphael pays Miriam a visit, and she finds herself on a desperate mission to save two of her contemporaries. To top it off, her twin brother, Mo, has also had a visitation, but from the opposite end of the good-evil spectrum, which leaves Miriam to wonder--has she been blessed and her brother cursed or vice versa? And what is the real purpose behind her mission?" --Kindred (book jacket).

To read about Kindred or to buy a copy, visit any bookstore or Tammar Stein's website.

Now, I'm headed to bed with my new book! I hope you pick up a copy too.

I would never read a book if it were possible for me to talk half an hour with the man who wrote it. ~Woodrow Wilson (Ha! Woodrow! What if you could do both?)

UPDATE: 3/8 Had a difficult time putting the book down last night. Beautiful writing, believable characters, descriptive and fun!

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