Thursday, March 3, 2011

Poll Results are in!

Regular readers probably noticed the poll we had here for the past few weeks. The question was: What do you hope to experience at SHAMc? We didn’t limit the votes on choices, but you were only allowed to vote once per idea.

Well, the results are in! Voters—-a percentage of you blog readers—-decided the most important offerings at the future Safety Harbor Art and Music Center is to 'Meet the artist' and host art shows. In second was to invite Musicians/bands/singers; 75% of you said so! In a close third was ‘art classes.’

I secretly wished to find more hopeful authors, or short story writers. Maybe hopeful columnists ... Well, I am happy to say that 40% want SHAMc to offer writing classes. Take a look at the final results. The only category I’m really curious about is the one reader who voted for ‘other.’ What do you want, voter? Do tell!

Musicians/bands/singers 78% 25 votes
Art shows/meet the artists 87% 28 votes
Poetry readings 34% 11 votes
Improv/acting 43% 14 votes
Small theatre/live stage shows 65% 21 votes
Writing workshops 40% 13 votes
Art classes 75% 24 votes
Stage performance workshops 31% 10 votes
Other 3% 1 vote!

1 comment:

Jeremiah said...

i would love to help out i live 3 house's away from the site. i am a painter and musician i play music in the area...i would love to help out in anyway....