Monday, May 9, 2011

Forming Alliances

We're all voting. We do it through Facebook, through registering on Pepsi's site, and by texting. There is still a chance for SHAMc to get the grant if we all make voting a daily priority. We do have a way to attract more votes, but it's going to take your help.

We need to focus our alliance energy on a few ideas, and deliver a large voting block to them every day.

Each of us has 4 votes per day left over after voting for SHAMC.

So we need to select 4 "ideas" and deliver a large VISIBLE voting block to them.

*** Here are the 4 ideas:

1) - Providing educational resources to 700,00 foster youth in the USA. Currently ranked #13 in the 25K category

2) - Organize the community to stop housing foreclosures and build wealth. Current rank #16 in the 25K category

3) - Build a Playground for Children with Autism. Current rank #18 in the 10K category

4) - Finance a horse mounted search and recovery team in southern Nevada. Current rank #17 in the 10K category


We MUST form these alliances and vote for them every day AND comment on their walls in order for them to know we are voting for them. Please use your extra votes to do this. SHAMc will not be negatively affected since we are in a different category altogether. And most important of all: Voting for SHAMc is more important than anything. If you are only able to do that, we appreciate you! But, not everyone will be able to help us with alliances, and that is OK. For those of you willing and able to devote the time, we cannot express our gratitude enough.


How to vote for our alliances:

After using all of your Safety Harbor Art and Music Center votes, sign out. Copy and paste one of the 4 urls (www addresses for Pepsi voting) posted above (To help you find them, look for three asterisks (***) before a paragraph above). Vote for them through Facebook, texting, or through your Pepsi account. (If you are confused on how to vote, look at our video on voting for SHAMc, but vote for the chosen alliance.)

After placing your vote, scroll down to their comments section. The important part of this is that you let them know you voted and you ask them to vote for us (See the example below). Give them this link to direct them right to our Pepsi page:

Here's an example of what to say: Awesome idea! Our entire team is voting for you! We would very much appreciate your return vote at


The more "original" the comment, the more real it seems, so cut/paste probably is not a good idea, but if you can't think of some other way to word it, please do copy this!

Questions? Please ask! Post your questions in the comments and we will respond.

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