Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just some bits and pieces from here and there of “artsy-type” stuff, with a couple of kudos mixed in.

Congrats to ex “whimzey-hood’ neighbor Doug Jenkins. I was so excited to see the neat things that have been going on for him. He carves beautiful bone pieces for necklaces and happened to catch the eye of some major folks. Long story short, dude got to teach Harry Connick Jr. how to carve! Wonder if his wife Barbara sat in on that session?! Did you Barb? Anyway, you can read about it in our fair city’s magazine, Destination Tampa Bay, the Sept./Oct. edition. Also in that edition is a really wonderful story by this Blog’s creator, Laura Kepner, A Place Without Dragons.

There’s stuff coming up. The Autumn is artsy-fartsy time in Florida and every weekend brings cool things to attend. I can’t wait until Dunedin’s Art Harvest. I love that event. I think it’s the first weekend of November. If I’m wrong, someone yell at me?

A shout out to all the incredible eateries in Safety Harbor. We have the BEST places. I heard the movie stars went to Brady’s BBQ and Greensprings. Anywhere else? Let us know! Hi Paul and Chris and Ellen and Sue and and and!!!!

There was other stuff too…but it’s gone out of my little pea brain right at this moment.
Oh.  I know!!!

OH.  And if you're out and about and going to poetry slams or Open MiKe nights, look for a woman named Aleshea Harris.  She is "other-worldly".  She will astound.  I guarantee.    And there's a place in Oldsmar that has an Open Mike every-other Thursday. See link below.
Let us know what we should know!   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Big thanks to all you out there who are saving bottles and stuff and making pretty things out of them.  Heather has been sharing her studio on Sundays and Tuesdays for people who want to make stuff for the big Christmas installation at Whimzey.   People just amaze me with their creativity.

And another shout out to Siobhan Nehin on the symposium in which she recently participated.  Go check out and also check out her blog- I think you can get to it from the we dig doin it site.
Go see Candace Knapp’s stuff at the Florida Craftsman Gallery in St. Pete until October 22. Blew me away. Made me smile, and I don’t smile much.

This Friday- September 30th- Grasshopper Productions will have their very first Open House and reception - I guess it’s a new gallery. We LOVES the galleries! We is all about the wine and cheese and creativity!!!
06:00 pm
30569 Us Highway 19 N Fl 34684, Palm Harbor, FL, FREE
Palm Harbor's Newest Venue for ART!
Featuring Local and Regional Art for Every Budget
*Wine, Soft drinks and Hors d'oeuvres
*Meet the Artists
*Live Music
*Portion of All Proceeds to Benefit Youth & Family Alternatives Inc

And the Art Waltz is coming up in Dunedin too…whew!!Dunedin And Surrounding Area
Dunedin, FL
October 8th, 2011
Art Waltz/ 09:00 AM to 05:00 PMI can’t even begin to tell you all the cool houses you can visit. You can watch the artists in their studios at work, or watch them in the wild. J OR just love their homes and covet their cool stuff. You can buy stuff too. (People who have even a little disposable income can do that, I’m told…)
Carol Sackman and Blake White have a very fun house that’s all mosaic, and Ira and Barbara Burhans have a really neat house with beautiful pottery- Joyce
Curvin makes whimsical creatures..I could go on and on.
Whistlestop, in Safety Harbor, is celebrating 16 years. I can’t believe it’s that many…I remember when it was a little ice-cream place…BUT, here’s what’s cool. Dawn and Patrick are going to share some of the beer profits and donate the $$$ to SHAMc!! Isn’t that cool? They’re giving someone ELSE something for their birthday! So go to the Whistlestop and eat some good food and drink beer on October 16th. From 12 to 7. Order a couple cold ones! Take one for the team! OH, and if any of you shammies would care to volunteer some time at the Whistlestop that day, just let us know via this blog. SHAMc needs volunteers for 1 hour shifts to spin the Wheel of Bucks.

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