Thursday, September 8, 2011

Now that we're winners...

(Thanks to guest blogger, Deborah Klein!)

We worked so freakin' hard, didn’t we? Begging people to vote, NAGGING people on social media, snatching bottles with yellow caps right out of peoples’ hands, stealing caps from children’s art projects, teaching people how to text numbers to numbers on their phones, basically making ourselves total pains in the asses.

Everybody . . . deep, deep inhales. Hold it. Hold it. Now OUT through the nose!!!! Feel the abdomen contract!! EXHALE.

So now it’s time to play. We LIKE to play. After all, SHAMc will be a huge playhouse, more or less. So here’s what to do as you daydream. Take the letters from SHAMc and do a word association. It doesn’t have to make sense.

Here’s an example - Singing Harmonious And Musical Cacophonies. But that one kind of makes sense…so how about, Silly Hippos Are Muddy Creatures.

Hmmmm. Why am I still making sense? I NEVER make sense. Let me try again channeling Dali.

Saxophone Hiccups Angry Muscatel Crispy!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY! Totally useless! Have fun! Play with your words. You won’t get in trouble like when you played with your food. But don’t get disgusting like a food fight. Then comment to below this blog. I’ll even wager that Todd and Kiaralinda might MAKE something out of them. They like to make stuff out of things that have already been used.

Come on shammies…it’s a throw down.

Note: Comment below to play!

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