Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Time! It's Time! We Really Did it!

We all know how long this "big moment" has been holding its breath. We started asking you to vote way back in what ... 1909? Well, hey, here we are! We won the Pepsi Refresh grant last year, we raised money through picket painting, HOLiDAZZLE, T-shirt and wire heart sales, the city's generous check (from proceeds made during Seafood Festival!) and from all of your generous donations and participation. 

So, now what? Well ... it's time to celebrate, dear SHAMc supporters! So come out on Sunday, May 6, from about 2:45 to 9:30 p.m. (or somewhere in between) to participate in this fun, happy event. We will start at the 8th Avenue Pub, right off Main Street in Safety Harbor. It's a family-friendly place and the owners and staff have been wonderful, continuous SHAMc cheerleaders. The Pub has both indoor and outdoor seating. 

There'll be, talking, laughing, and listening to some fantastic music. At close to 6:00 we will parade to the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (Oh, that felt soooo good to type!) and we will hear Mayor Steingold talk about the future SHAMc. It will be a short but exciting groundbreaking. Then we will do a little more celebrating in a way only Kiaralinda and Todd can think up (nothing huge, just very cool!) and then we will parade back to the Pub for more great music! 

Music? you ask. Why, yes, of course we'll have music for you! Have you heard Shaun Hopper perform? How about Gareth Asher? Imani Woomera? Rebekah Pulley? Tony Wylie? The Hummingbirds? TJ Weger? Well, how about Shannon Whitworth? 

May 6th is going to be like one huge fun, free concert! What a great way to bring in what we have all been so excited about! Now, breathe, we're almost there! (See you May 6th!)

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