Monday, June 18, 2012

Are YOU our next contributor?

Are you creative? My guess is yes, you are, because you're involved in some way with SHAMc. But not everyone who loves the arts calls themselves an artist. A creative person may be someone who sees ideas in a bigger way than most, someone who uses fabrics instead of paint, or someone who brings out her camera just as  the air smells like it might bloom a sunset.

I used to dream of illustrating children's books. Years later, I created beads from polymer clay. Then, I discovered how stories can unwind in the mind and that if they are ignored, will nag and tug at you until you let them out. So, I know there are more of us out there. More "creatives" who have day jobs. People who may not necessarily nurture that streak of inspiration when it comes. But there are also people whose lives depend on daily inspiration.

Who are YOU?

We want to know. We want to hear from people all over the world who have known or perhaps just met the Whimzey Twins. Write a blog post and let our readers see your viewpoint about art, creativity, specific projects, inspiration, or ... you decide! We don't have any rules; just a few guidelines. In the first paragraph tell us who you are. Then, tell us how you are connected to SHAMc or Kiaralinda and Todd, then write your blog post. As long as you keep it clean (kids read this, too), and as long as you do your best to keep the post under 1000 words, we'd like to hear from you.

This is what we'd like you to do:
Introduce yourself in the first paragraph, using the above content guidelines.
Write your blog post.
Give it a catchy title.
Include links or photos if you'd like. (It's OK to promote yourself!)
Send me a note: Laura at and let me see your contribution. I am also an editor, so if I see anything that may need a little tweak, I will let you know. (But don't worry, I won't be mean!)
I will send you an e-mail invitation if you would like to post the blog yourself, or if you are more comfortable, I'll post it. Either way, you'll get published and credited.

You can share your published e-article with your entire e-mail list and show them how amazing you are. We can't pay you, but we love you anyway!

So go write. Send us your contributions. We can't wait to read it!

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