Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can You Tune a Fish?

In mid June, we put out a Call for Guest Bloggers, and we've had some great responses. Here's one from local blogger and all around great person, Karen Vest. (Read more about Karen below)


Well, maybe or maybe not ... but what can be done is called Gyotaku, or GEE-OH-TAH-KOO ... or ... as Artist, Terrie Thomas calls it "I Rub Dead Fish" Orginals.  This is an ancient Japanese Art Form used by fishermen back in the day to document their catch ... before the invention of cameras, camcorders ... smartphones.

The process goes like this.  Paint is applied directly to the fish, a piece of rice paper or fabric is placed on top ... AND ... rub-a-dub-dub... the detail and texture of the fish is captured.  Terrie then fine-tunes the Art to enhance the spirit of the fish and her true appreciation of each creature she works with.  Every piece having its own personality ... every piece an original.

Terrie was happy to tell me the story of how she got into Gyotaku.  She was out at a park with her daughter ... she was dealing with the loss of her brother.  Her mind, quiet but open, got the message she needed to help her heal her grief.

She had read the newspaper that morning, but was compelled to buy another paper while she was at the park. THIS, KIDS, is how the Universe works ... the first article that she saw was about Gyotaku.  Intrigued, Terrie phoned the Artist featured in the article, and she was more than helpful about how the Art was created.
As Terrie explained it, "I got lost in something when I needed to get lost."
And what does she like about living in the village?  Well, let's just say the ability to walk anywhere in the city, that strong community feeling is what she loves so much about Safety Harbor.  What's so important to Terrie are the trees around our village.

See ... Terrie is a TRUE TREE HUGGER!!!!!!  I LOVE TREE HUGGERS!!!  They understand the eco system and know about balance.  It's the balance of concrete to trees to wildlife.  I think we all should try to understand what nature does to help each and every one of us.  AND ... maybe we would all become tree huggers.

Happy that Terrie lives in our community.  Happy that Terrie is a tree hugger ... she's the watchful eye to help our village stay balanced.


Terrie Thomas' originals and T-shirt art can be purchased at The Safety Harbor Galleria, right off Main St and across from Starbucks. Or e-mail Terrie at

About Karen: My name is Karen Vest, and I am the creator of I met Kiaralinda and Todd and one of their "Picket the SHAMc" events, and I was so impressed in their vision of--this space--a center for all to explore the magic and mystery of the creative process.
My blog is a little over a year old ... yah!!!  My focus is, and always has been, to showcase this lovely town and all it has to offer, and to introduce people that live here .. .real people with AMAZING histories.  I write posts to nudge readers to get out and discover what's right about their community, and to see the joy and wonderment that's out there if they would just take a look... 
I would like to thank SHAMc for this opportunity.  I hope you enjoy my post!!!


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You can see Terri's art at the Safety Harbor Public Library where she is currently exhibiting. She has T-Shirts too! Stop by and check her work out in person it's wonderful!

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