Monday, August 6, 2012

Feast Your Eyes . . .

Self portrait - Holly Apperson

                      ... on the amazing photography of  Holly Apperson!

             If you've been to a SHAMc house concert or event, you've probably met Holly Apperson. She's not only the woman with the camera, she is also always volunteering!

                 Holly is at the booth during Third Fridays and other festival events. She collects the cash at concerts, arrives early to set up, and she stays late to help with cleanup. (And that's only a fraction of what she does to help!)

                  In high school Holly learned the basics of using a camera, but she never had space for a darkroom. Now, with her Nikon D-90 and multiple lenses, Holly doesn't need a darkroom to create her art. "It forces me to use the computer," she says. She admits to not being computer driven, but adds "It used to be you never knew what you were going to get with film, but now there's instant gratification with using digital and the computer, compared to the old 35 mm processes."

                     "In life you don't always stop and take pictures," Holly says. "Pictures are our memories though." 

            "You hang around artistic people and see what happens?" she laughs. 

              Although Holly is documenting SHAMc's changes (and having a lot of fun doing so,) "I love taking pictures of landscapes," she says,"and people in different situations. Especially when I travel to places many people have never seen. It's fascinating."

            Holly uses a fish eye lens, then she does something she calls a "bubble stretch," and if she sees it needs some, she'll add sparkles.

                        "I snap pictures to capture time," Holly says. "It is our history ... and there are always new inspirations."

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