Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A SHAMc Update

As Kiaralinda and Catherine Ventura are at Whimzey using colorful plastic bottle caps, corks and pop tabs for a SHAMc bathroom ceiling, Woody the contractor works diligently at SHAMc, and sings to a rock ‘n’ roll song playing on a nearby boombox. He's raking the ground in preparation for new parking spaces. 

Catherine is visiting from Japan!

I approach him, my voice loud so I don’t cause any strange accidents. “Hi!” I call, “How’s it coming along?”

Woody turns, rake in hand and smiles. “The project is proceeding once again.”

If you’ve driven by this past week, you’ve probably noticed the artsy construction fence has been taken down and a large Dumpster has been set in the street.

“We’re excited that the parking and sidewalks will be in soon,” Woody says. He explains that the restrooms are about ready, “if all goes well with upcoming meetings with the city . . . things should go really well though.”

It’s a quick update but I figured you all would like to know about the progress.

Todd says, “Our  short-term goal is to have it open by Songfest so we can have music there.”

Exciting, huh?

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Anonymous said...

Yay, so glad to hear this is coming along and the dream is one step closer to reality. Exiting news.