Saturday, April 1, 2017

SongFest interview: Taylor and Chloe of Chasing Lovely

Taylor and Chloe of Chasing Lovely
My first visitors to the Word Wagon, (a cute little camper set up in back of the Green Room area here at SongFest), are Chloe and Taylor, sisters who perform as Chasing Lovely. The two not only harmonize on stage, but also in life and we’re so glad to have them as part of our #SongFest Family! Their music is self-described as a folk/rock/pop/soul duo (with obvious genre commitment issues).

The sisters grew up in Minneapolis, MN before moving to Nashville, TN. But they’re comfortable here the Tampa Bay area. 

Me: So, how’d you meet Todd and Kiaralinda? How’d this come to be that you’re part of SongFest this year? 

Taylor: We played a house concert in Clearwater in December. The woman who hosted us suggested we meet this couple … 

Chloe: We do a lot of house shows. When they put something together like this we know people are there who care about music. 

Taylor: There are a lot more hosts in this pocket of the country than in most areas.
Chasing Lovely recently finished a successful Kickstarter campaign and pre-production so it’s no surprise that Taylor and Chloe are looking forward to getting into the studio. 

Chloe: We’ll tour before and after that. 

Me: I know this is sort of a cliché question, but what are your hopes as far as your career and future?

Taylor: Our hope is to create a sustainable career. Something to allow us a middle-class income. Our motto is really ‘slow and steady.’

Chloe: People automatically assume fame is a goal. That’s troubling to me.  You can’t go back after that. You can’t run into Walmart or live a normal live. We want to create music that means something and that other people connect with.
Something authentic.
The celebrity that comes with it is odd. We don’t have a need to be worshiped.

Taylor: I would love the opportunity to travel internationally. We’ve been able to get a sense of America from a hands-on appreciation. it’s a tense time in our culture. We travel to places where we might not get a chance to otherwise connect. It’s a great way to find the commonalities between us and share our love of music. We can tell those stories now.

Chloe: We all feel the same things. 

Taylor: Traveling outside of the country would offer some great opportunities to connect on a wider scale, to experience other cultures.

Chloe: Give them a voice—give them a voice and connect through music.

I hope you’ll find a way to connect with Chasing Lovely. Come hang out with us at SongFest today.
Check back in soon. I have another interview to post and hoping to talk to more artists. 
But now I’m off to the Marina Stage to hear them perform at 2:00. Hurry down!

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